This training facility is designed to familiarize firefighters with the common problems encountered with suppression of fires in residential dwellings.

This training session is made up of approximately a 45 minute lecture on the principles of foam application & equipment.

This facility provides firefighters with knowledge about liquefied petroleum gas products and hardware to handle LP Gas emergencies.

The firefighter is presented with the unknown while wearing S.C.B.A. by eliminating the sense of sight to allow the thinking process to be utilized in order to find a way through the maze.

The tower facility lends itself to many different evolutions. It can provide combined evolutions for Engine and Truck company fireground operations for multiple story structures.

The firefighter wearing SCBA will be expected to enter a hostile environment (smoke & heat) and systematically make their way through the structure while executing proper search procedures.

This facility is designed to duplicate commercial residential structures known as "taxpayers" in which ground level areas are operated as commercial entities and second story and higher areas are utilized for such purposes as offices and/or apartments.

To provide firefighters with the proper use of typical extrication equipment commonly found on fire department apparatus. Material covered starts with proper nomenclature through maintenance.

Firefighting procedures and actual extinguishment of motor vehicles will be conducted at this training session.