• Provides specialized training in the realm of building collapse rescue, a threat in every community.  Content will include warning signs, collapse causes, void identification, safety precautions, search techniques, team operations, building construction a
    wareness, and initial fire department operations.  Several case studies will be discussed and a table top exercise is included. 
  • Provides identification and awareness information to allow students to make reasonable judgments in confined space rescue situations.  It includes topics such as regulations, response, planning, hazard types, personal protective equipment, retrieval equip
    ment, and air quality.  Case histories and student exercises provide opportunities to practice planning skills for confined space rescue response, as well as evaluate past incidents. A test will be given at the end of the class.
  • This program is designed to provide the background knowledge necessary to perform rescue operations at a structural collapse incident.  The course includes instruction on: structural construction considerations such as types of construction, construction
    techniques, terminology and mechanism of collapse based on structure type; detailed concepts of structural shoring systems; void search and rescue operations in structural collapse incidents; structural collapse team organization and operations concepts.  Students will also participate in a hands-on component where emergency collapse shoring as well as basic collapse shoring construction will be introduced.  
  • This two-day program will familiarize the student with the tools used in structural and excavation collapse related incidents.  This is an intensive hands-on course and students will be evaluated on proper use of the tools provided.
  • This course combines Rescue Technician Basic and Confined Space Rescue allowing students to complete this training in a reduced time frame.   Rescue Technician-Basic - Provides a base from which to prepare students for a wide variety of possible rescue o
    perations.  This course includes an overview in areas of specialized rescue, search, technical rescue management, risks and priorities; use of ropes, knots, and rope systems in a low angle environment, and establishment of landing zones for helicopter operations.  Demonstrations, practice sessions and testing are included.    Confined Space-Technician - This course provides practical training in confined-space hazards; air monitoring and ventilation; space isolation techniques; personal protective equipment, including both supplied air, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), and respirators; and retrieval systems and methods.  Practical evolutions enable the student to evaluate a specific confined-space incident and perform the necessary procedures to safely and effectively rescue the victim.
  • This course will discuss problems that can and do occur in trench rescue incidents.  Safety techniques, shoring techniques, proper procedures, team operations, and hazard assessment will all be discussed and explained in depth.  A test will be given at th
    e end of the course.
  • This two day program consists of intense hands-on training in the field of trench rescue.  The students will be taught several ways to shore trenches, the different types of extrication techniques, proper rescue site management, as well as the proper safe
    ty concepts needed to complete a safe and successful rescue.  There will be live exercises in which the students will actually extricate a trapped victim from an open trench scenario.
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